Assist Event Planner with planning, organizing, promoting, facilitating and coordinating different types of events

Assist Event Planner with supervising current staff and hire additional staff as needed. Recruit, train, develop, retain and motivate staff.

Assist Event Planner with monitoring and coordinating the timeline of an event

Assist Event Planner with securing vendors, sponsors, service providers and entertainment for various events.

Assist Event Planner with preparing event reports

Assist Event Planner with supervising and coordinating the activities of the catering personnel as well as subcontractors

Assist Event Planner with providing guidance and information pertaining to the event to the clients

Assist Event Planner with ensuring that all contractual obligations are met

Assist Event Planner with ensuring that quality client/customer standards are upheld at all times

Assist Event Planner with ensuring the event venue is ready on time

Assist Event Planner with creating and revising plans and layouts for different events

Assist Event Planner with liaising with the client to ensure that their needs are effectively met

Assist Event Planner with ensuring the event location fulfills all building, health and safety requirements

Assist Event Planner with managing events to build brand reputation and generate leads for sales force

Assist Event Planner with collaborating with sales leaders to drive event attendance, share leads and track impact

Assist Event Planner with working with editorial and analyst team leads to generate appropriate content for events

Assist Event Planner with managing the end to end process of the events including onsite delivery in various venues

Helping develop content and messaging for events and supporting materials

Assist Event Planner with managing creative process; invites and signage

Assist Event Planner with responsible for developing scheduling, ensuring timelines are followed and project is kept on track. 

Assist Event Planner with Managing onsite suppliers and subcontractors. 

Assist Event Planner with integrating event activity with other sales and marketing activities to drive consistent brand messaging and integrity across campaign structure 

Assist Event Planner with creating the right mix of event portfolio to ensure customer acquisition and education, training for customer retention, audience generation and prospective client events 
Assist Event Planner with successfully implementing event program standards and measurements across events of any size, volume, type or location to drive business results enhancing the functionality of event management and tracking systems 

Assist Event Planner with recommending ideas for reducing costs; improving or streamlining processes or programs within the department; and, wherever appropriate, acting as an active contributor in the implementation of these improvements 

Good negotiation skills

Good attention to detail

Works well under pressure

Works well alone and in a team

Should be passionate about event management

Excellent oral and written communication skills

Excellent management and organizational skills

Ability to multi-task & work flexibly (travel and extended hours) under tight deadlines. 

Ability to work in fast-paced, detail-oriented environment and manage a high volume of events simultaneously 

Strong written and verbal communication skills 

Comfortable and effective working in a team environment without full reporting line authority 

Ability to make sound independent decisions consistent with business needs 

Poise, patience, and ability to handle crisis situations effectively 

Proactive approach to identifying and addressing issues/conflicts in a constructive manner by creating options for resolution 

Knowledgeable on Social Media Sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Advanced PC skills Preferred (Excel/Word/PowerPoint/Adobe Photoshop) 

3 years of project management experience or equivalent preferred.​

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